We pride ourselves on being a Utility Service Company providing professional services to electrical utility companies. We concentrate on safely transporting electricity from the source of generation to its final destination, whether business and/or residential.

Many complex aspects are involved when working on high voltage systems. We find our success lies within the objectives of our Mission Statement, unique Safety Systems, Project Management, employee empowerment, and our frequent internal measuring tools. These processes ensure we complete our projects safely, within budget and on-time.

T&D Solutions – We Deliver Solutions that exceed our customer's expectations.

We Are our customer's preferred service company.


Our Transmission operations include new construction & maintenance services. Our professional resources have the ability to provide live-line work on ‘high-profile’ systems that necessitate the work to be conducted energized. This work generally includes switching, protection, and control equipment and one or more transformers. Many of our substation construction projects involve civil work, as well. Our Distribution projects involve new construction, system improvements, and complete rebuilds. We have also participated in several FEMA projects involving several hundreds of miles. Our experienced workforce is equipped and competent to glove energized voltages from 52kV to 34.5kV. In addition to traditional services, we also provide
‘turn-key’ solutions on environmentally friendly systems. These services include:

- Wind Turbine Installation
- Voltage Conversion
- Underground
- Substation
- System Improvements
- Solar Energy

Our fiber projects have been conducted to enhance S.C.A.D.A. systems and for private telecommunications businesses. Our splicing crews are involved in many of these projects. We also are involved in the installation of Power Line Communications (or otherwise known as Broadband over Power Lines, BPL).

The commercial electrical sales group focuses on a wide variety of General building construction projects, private and/or public. We can provide quality electrical installations for both, new construction and renovation projects. Our branch office in Oak Grove, Kentucky, (just outside of Ft. Campbell, KY) provides another servicing option to our ever widening range of projects. Industrial sales and service includes electrical installation, control systems integration, plant maintenance, pipe-fitting and steel fabrication in industrial settings such as coal mines, power plants, factories, and process facilities. Our shop is equipped with a full-service welding, fabrication, and panel shop. Our services in this field include automation, fabricating landings, heavy equipment liners, and building custom equipment.

Our panel shop is skilled with constructing fully automated systems using the latest cutting-edge software and hardware. We have an experienced team dedicated to providing the solution that is right for you and your company.
When natural disasters strike, T&D Solutions responds immediately to help restore electric service to the affected areas as quickly as possible. From hurricanes and floods to tornadoes and ice storms, we are the Solution for a quick and safe response.

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